Monday, 28 December 2015

Crochet Mistletoe and Holly

Following the Christmas crochet projects we have been making recently , 
my buddy was captivated by the beauty of a Mistletoe guirlanda  tutorial that she found on youtube.
The result was fantastic.... she is very  happy with the project and she would like to shared it with everyone that may visit the blog.

Hope you like it !!!!

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Christmas Bells Decoration

Following the Christmas inspiration 
we found a great tutorial in " yuli blog " 

We have really enjoyed making this beautiful bells.

Christmas Tree Decoration

It has been quite long time since we made our last post,
unfortunately the time has gone by and although we have been making some project ... it has been really difficult to find the time to share them in the blog...... 
We need to improve and get into the habit to post more of our project and ideas.
New year resolution !!!!

This Christmas tree decoration is simply beautiful.... the pattern is from an italian artist Airali  that shares in her blog lovely creations ....

I hope you like it and perhaps you will like to try it.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Everyday Fingerless Gloves

Getting ready for winter season !!

This is a quick project that really is worth to give it a go.

We bought color mix yarn to make the mittens more interesting The pattern we have chosen is simple and attractive at the same time.

The pattern is from a roundup post
free-crocheted-fingerless-glove-pattern-roundup/   in .website.

Proud to present blue for my little crochet buddy

and a brown and green version for myself !!

Great project , so warm..... love it !

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Coin Purse Shells stich

For quite some time I have been looking around trying to find a crochet coin purse that would be easy and also looks cute.

There is a phenomenal blog mostly about coin purse is call Pitusas& Petetes

The owner of the blog shared recently a free pattern that makes me decided to give it a go .......

and I am very please with the result which I show to you on this post.

I also made a smaller version ... I have not had the time to attached to the frame yet , although I may just leave it as it is because it looks great as a small basket.

The pattern is beautiful and easy to make .... thanks to Oli Silva the artist that so kindly shared on her blog.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Cherry Pickers Earrings

Crochet Earrings is so much fun and the results are actually fantastic.

This time we have made these lovely Cherry Pickers Crochet Earrings.

You can find the pattern in the link


Crochet Top - Belle Cotton & Line

I am in the process of making a top in crochet, 

I am using  Drops Cotton & Line Belle Denim Blue and hook 4mm.

I am following a pattern from a Crochet magazine.

is going pretty well by now.....
I will keep posting the progress.

Chandelier Earrings Pattern

A new crochet earring to add to our collection.

The Chandelier Earrings based on the pattern from Living the Craft life blog are really cute.
If you would like to make  you own set , follow the link Chandelier Earrings

You will find writting instructions plus a chart if you prefer diagrams

Hope you enjoy as much as we did !!

Monday, 17 August 2015

Crochet around the world- Poland

There are many blogs that I admired around the world ....

From - Poland

one of my favourites is a blog called "Niebieska chata" -
Blue Cottage

In the blogs , Agnes  shares with the visitor her love for crochet as well as  invites  everyone to take part and enjoy her colouful world. 

Is difficul to pick just one example of the projects of the blog, but if there is one I really love is this fantastic post about pillows call
:) challenge ...

As you can see Mundek, is also an admirer of colors ...
but first of all....
He loves to sleep :)

I hope you visit the Blog and love it  as much a I do -
bye for now

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Gorgeous Ruffled Ring

I found this AMAZING and totally gorgeous ruffled ring! 

I could not resist to make one immediately.
You can use any two of your favorite colors, 
I chose ivory and red .

And a version this time with a fantasy thread in blue.

I love them ...... both versions look fantastic

The pattern is really easy, 
you can find it in this  link " the crochet spot blog" .

Hope you like it !!!