Saturday, 29 March 2014

The amigurumi donkey

The inspiration to make a small donkey with amigurumi technique came from a friend who has a key ring with a   handmade felt donkey.

When I saw the little donkey I thought it would be an interesting project to do with amigurumi, and it has been good fun.

Crochet Thread Earrings 

We are excited about the possibilities of making crochet earrings
Adding beads the result is remarkable, young, cute.
We followed the tutorial from

and here is the final result…

Sunday, 23 March 2014

  Ivory Cotton Earring

Quick project for the afternoon
 A new idea for earrings in ivory cotton and adding a light green that highlight the spiral

I have written down  the instructions in my notebook
while was making the earrings,
I hope they are clear..

Friday, 21 March 2014

Our first flower of  Spring

And here it is ..... first  flower  following the tutorial  posted earlier..
Made in  ivory cotton  color transmits the freshness of summer, we love it 
great potential  to add embellishments to dresses or perhaps a necklace... who knows

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Spring is here,let´s celebrate by doing some crochet flowers
So pretty ... 
can´t wait to crochet this pattern 
Pictures tutorial  can be found on the link below

Start with chain 53.
Double crochet in third chain from the hook. Double crochet in every following chain. Turn.
Single crochet in next space. Double crochet 5 in next space. Single crochet in next space. Double crochet 5 in next space. Repeat until the end of row.

Finish off but leave a yarn tail long enough to sew the flower together. 
Wave in the short yarn tail on the other end of the work.
Use a tapestry needle. Little by little, roll the flower and stitch together. 

Monday, 17 March 2014

Earrings African flower pattern

I decided to use the African flower pattern to create some earrings with a dark red cotton material.

Perfect present idea, 
I have to try with other colour

Little Owl 

Following our post about the cute little owls back on February, I finally found a little bit of spare time to give it a try 
Using some left over yarn and the easy to follow pattern, and unsurprisingly it looks like the one in the blog (here is the link again) 
I recommend to everyone to give it a go.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Amigurumi - Smiley face
Following the tutorial posted earlier in the blog about  amigurumi,
our interest on this technique is growing and growing, 
the possibilities are amazing.

My buddy has enjoy creating her first smiley face. 

African  Flower-project of the day !!

Weekend has arrived, 
time available to do some of the projects we had in mind for some time.

The Pincushion tutorial from Cherry Heart has not been forgotten,
was there, waiting to have some time to dedicate to crochet.

This time the colours & material  has given to the project the expected

I am really proud of my African Flower pincushion!! 
Glad to be able to shared with you :-)

The tutorial was great, clear and easy to follow

I took pictures of the process, step by step - Flower finished ....

A few more rows ... then decreases to create the cushion and start filling, nearly there.

It looks fantastic ..... 

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Learn How to Crochet - 

Basic Beginner Amigurumi Smiley Face Ball Toy

Excellent video,very helpful, 

My buddy has alrady started her project....following this tutorial 

Soon her smiley face  will be posted 

 Fingerless Mittens

This has been the weekend project, 
pretty easy and very good result …. My buddy is not convince about the colour but it was the only yarn I had around …. More shopping is urgently required !!!

I include the link to the video tutorial which inspired me,
and here is my ‘Photo Tutorial’.

ch= Chain
st = stich
sc= single crochet
dc = double crochet

Round 1:      ch 42
Round 2:     1 dc into 3rd ch and into each of the next 39 st for a total of 40 dc

Insert the hook on the back of the loop

Round 3:      ch 2 and turn round.
Proceed as round 2 for 16th rounds

When you finished round 16 
attach both sides but only the first 30th st with slip stich.

When you get to the  30th st, cut your yarn and secure the end.
Move to the other end of the glove and attach the first 5 st. cut your yarn and secure.

Leave 5 st for the thumb.

There are two options to finish this project,
just as it stands now 

Or you can add  4 rounds of sc to cover the thumb.

I finished mines adding this final touch.

They feel great and are very comfortable 

And a shorten version.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

At the shops

Looking for  Cotton yarn

This morning we visited our local shop to buy the material for the amigumuri projects
For the moment we bought a few coulors  that my little buddy thought were cute  …. Lets start!!!!