Sunday, 2 March 2014

 Fingerless Mittens

This has been the weekend project, 
pretty easy and very good result …. My buddy is not convince about the colour but it was the only yarn I had around …. More shopping is urgently required !!!

I include the link to the video tutorial which inspired me,
and here is my ‘Photo Tutorial’.

ch= Chain
st = stich
sc= single crochet
dc = double crochet

Round 1:      ch 42
Round 2:     1 dc into 3rd ch and into each of the next 39 st for a total of 40 dc

Insert the hook on the back of the loop

Round 3:      ch 2 and turn round.
Proceed as round 2 for 16th rounds

When you finished round 16 
attach both sides but only the first 30th st with slip stich.

When you get to the  30th st, cut your yarn and secure the end.
Move to the other end of the glove and attach the first 5 st. cut your yarn and secure.

Leave 5 st for the thumb.

There are two options to finish this project,
just as it stands now 

Or you can add  4 rounds of sc to cover the thumb.

I finished mines adding this final touch.

They feel great and are very comfortable 

And a shorten version.

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