Monday, 15 September 2014

Bubbly crochet edging

I have come across this stitch,

named  Bubbly Edging from 

in several blogs  Once upon a pink moon this time named 
Pom Pom Edge

and also in Magda de Lange blog Pigstails.

It`s from a Japanese book called " Let´s play with Color"

the Pictures tutorial from Michelle :
1. 8 ch (chain)

2. Go 3 stitches back and make a tr/dc (treble UK, double crochet US).
Don`t finish the tr/dc leave one loop on the hook, ( there are 2 loops on your hook).

3. Repeat until you have 4 loops on your hook.
(3 tr/dc total).
Pull the yarn through the 4 loops.

4. 4 ch, repeat from 2 but go back 4 stiches.

5. Make a bubbly ball by joining the two clusters together.

6. 5 ch, close with a slip stitch.

Good stitch to enrich  the Library

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