Monday, 15 September 2014

Crochet Blogs -India

There are many blogs that I admired around the world ....

From India ,
one of my favourites is a blog called The lazy hobbyhopper

In the blogs , Pradeepa shares with the visitor her love for crochet as well as other craft and recipes. 

Again is difficul to pick just one example of the projects and tutorial of the blog, but if there is one I really feel I will like to do in near futere is this fantastic 

Finally here it is! If you are a regular reader you might remember that long ago I started a project to recycle yarns from all my unwanted and never-going-to-be-finished projects. If you are new you can read about it here. The rug is about 35 inches wide and 80" long, weird measurement? yes.

I was hoping to get rid of all the tiny balls of yarns which I would never ever use as well as a huge pile of unfinished and unwanted projects, but I am still left with the same amount of scraps (or more) that I had at the beginning, almost 2 buckets full. I think with the amount that I have I can make a dozen of these rugs.

The stitch that is used is called the moss stitch, a very easy stitch and an interesting one too. I never got bored, mainly because I was changing colors for every row and it was fun to watch a just-frogged item blend into colourful rows. Right from the beginning I knew I was not going to weave in the ends. Each and every row has 2 ends to weave in. It was impossible. I just cut long stripes of fabric and sewed them around the edges with the numerous loose ends tucked into the fabric. Easy!

Hope you visit the blog & you like it as much as i do !!!

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